Sunday, June 8, 2008

For Kids ,By Kids

Its long I wrote anything here, but better late than never, so starting this again (of course with some changes). Just finished reading a book the Title says “For Kids, By Kids”. It’s a collection of award winning fiction/non-fiction pieces from the scholastic writing awards of 2007. As the title says all, the entries are from writers of the age ten to sixteen all of them school kids in India.
Divided in two sections fiction/Non-fiction the book has some memorable entries especially in Non-fiction section; most of them are travel/trip stories. The best are the ones were the writers (kids) explain even a minute detail of their journey and the way they explore new experiences. The editors say the entries are selected based on the amount of original content they have, and I agree with them. Sometimes you may feel the stories are boring but with some exception I doubt if you at all fell they are inspired by some other pieces that kids usually get to read at least in school.
Thanks Scholastic for this nice effort.


Abhay said...

kya miya...angreji mein kab se likhne lage?
waise so much on your blog...bahut time lagega padhne mein....but wait for comments on each of them as and when i read

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welcome back !

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